Summer 2014 Re-cap: Food, Travel and How I Lived.

Summer 2014 has quickly come and gone, and as we slip into the later part of September, I thought I would re-cap some of the ways that I ate and lived this summer.

I spent some time in southern California in May, and we did some wine tasting right near the ocean. The views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains were incredible, and it was a great way to start off the summer.





In the spring I began doing handstands as part of my workout routine; and I wanted to try them out on the beach…

Sand isn’t a very good place for handstands – you need a good flat surface. I gave it a try, anyway.

IMG_7066 IMG_7067 IMG_7068 IMG_7069

I continued to brew my own kombucha through the first part of the summer – this one was delicious, it was a peach flavor.


I think my all-time favorite summer drink is watermelon juice. I drank it as often as I could – sometimes I would add lemon or lime and mint. I loved it so much that I would begin to crave it and couldn’t rest until I juiced some watermelons…It’s so hydrating and it just makes your whole body come alive. I can’t wait for watermelon season to return!



Even through all my travels, I continued to find ways to incorporate healthy juices into my diet – here I am in downtown Chicago after scoring some fresh green juice. I was actually in Chicago for an audition to host a new cooking/travel series… Would have been awesome, but it didn’t happen. Maybe next time!


My parents fell in love with Paleo Pizza; and would often times request it. The recipe is from The Preppy Paleo. Super simple, crispy thin crust – always a hit!


A friend and I began doing partner workouts at the local park. We were inspired by Bree over at The Betty Rocker.


Another beach! This time in Florida.

IMG_7112 IMG_7118

At the beach, I always made sure we had healthy snacks.


Back at home in the kitchen I was preparing my usual monster omelettes…


Covering things in bacon…..

(bacon wrapped chicken thighs)


And using my garden’s baby greens in salads, wraps and smoothies. More info about my garden.


I also went waterskiing for the first time (unfortunately there’s no picture) and I learned how to do this….


Overall it was an amazing summer. I did some great traveling, I ate well and I lived well. Now it’s time to transition into the fall season… sighhhh maybe Summer will be here sooner than we think.

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– V

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