Kale-ified Coconut Rice

I was craving Indian food tonight; but I wasn’t feeling like ordering take-out; and I didn’t want to start from scratch…

so I compromised.

I bought a pre-marinated bag of Yellow Curry Chicken tenders at Trader Joes, and prepared my rice from ingredients I already had on hand.


Kale-ified Coconut Rice (serves 3-4)

Note: While I do follow a mostly paleo (grain-free) eating plan; I do occasionally eat rice. For more information check in with Russ over at The Domestic Man.

2-3 cups of washed and dried chopped kale (tear away stems and save for juicing)

3 tbs olive oil

pinch of salt

red chili flakes (to desired heat level)

1/8 tsp dehydrated garlic flakes

1/2 cup of rinsed basmati rice

1 cup full fat coconut milk

Prepare the rice according to the package instructions, but replace the water with coconut milk.

Meanwhile, massage the olive oil; salt, garlic and chili flakes into the kale leaves to start breaking them down into lovely smoothness.

After the rice is cooked, stir the kale into the hot rice. Serve with your favorite curry chicken, or on its own!

Let me know what you guys think of this recipe.

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